AiQwest Development

As you come up with a project and find some development work that needs to be done, AiQwest can help you. Our development team is very diverse in modern builds and processes. Some of our expertise includes: Angular, ionic, javascript, nodeJS, React and others. While all projects are not equal or the same, we ensure to lay out a road-map for you to show where we begin and what the end result will look like. As a project begins, we start the process by adding your project to our custom built CI/CD pipeline to ensure all code is branched.

Using only Best Practices!

While we use many different frontend/backend languages, we use whats best for the application being built and its flow.  Each application is unique and flows differently from each other.

Our Process

Once AiQwest has received notification of a new project, we will reach out to the client to schedule a meeting.  This will include topics such as:

– Statement of Work (SoW)
– Budgeting
– Scheduling

We make sure the project is clearly defined and answer any questions before and during the build process.  We offer support of the application after its complete for any updates/augments.  We can place the application on your cloud or on-premise.  

We develop with the mindset of de-coupling code and architecture.  This allows isolation and scaling of certain components without affecting the whole build.   Building in this manner also reduces startup times and allows easier application scale.

Since we are a docker shop, we can also build the application and place it within a docker container and ship it to you to be placed on your platform as well.  We can offer support/consulting on running dockers in a distributed platform.  

For mobile applications we support both Android and Apple iOS.

So lets get a project started!  Reach out to AiQwest and we will start the process for you!

Contact AiQwest for a new Project!